Care Guide & Warranty


String, Swings &Things through its parent company Project Room provides a 1-year workmanship guarantee and will repair or replace any legitimate defect. Please note that this item must be enjoyed for its intended use, and normal wear and tear is expected through use. Below is a Care Guide to assist you in the care and protection of this wonderful piece of experiential furniture.

Care Guide

Please note that the item purchased is a crafted, hand-finished piece of furniture. Different materials have different resistance to the elements of sun, weather, rain, and use. Certain materials are more weather durable and it is advised that your item is not exposed continuously to the elements, and it has been designed to provide ease in set-up and take-down. SST cannot be held liable for damages caused through exposure to these elements, or any injury incurred through the use of this product. It is a beautiful, experiential item or piece of furniture that can be enjoyed for many years if cared for and used correctly.