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Barstool - Cotton Yarn Combo Colour

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Cotton Colour 1
Cotton Colour 2

What's Included?

  • Saligna Seated Barstool- 500mm wide x 300mm deep
  • Cotton Woven Seat in your choice of cotton yarn
  • Barstool height is custom made to order


Seat Finish:

  • Weave: woven edge, exposed wood - clean and minimalist
  • Full Wrap: full cotton yarn wrapped around all four edges

     Barstools are R2850 per stool, and in a set of 4 or more are R2 550 per stool

    *Please note that cotton colours are manufactured using 100% A-Grade natural cotton yarn. Our yarn is locally produced and locally dyed before it is twisted. Cotton yarn is best used indoors or under a covered roof.